At Salone: Pinch


may be the perfect bed for those born under the Libra Zodiac-or for any person who simultaneously desires the seemingly contradictory. An ideal marriage of practicality and beauty, as well as of tradition and modernity, makes this bed a virtual chameleon.

Pinch bed. Designed by Rodolfo Dordoni. Manufactured by Flou.

Rodolfo Dordoni designed the bed for Flou with versatility in mind. Not only is the double bed available in three widths, but also with 160 cover options and five bases. Covers come in cotton, thread-dyed cotton, damask, and leather. And for those germophobes and obsessive compulsives, covers are removable and washable. The number of choices, however, makes this a bed for people who KNOW what they want. Here is where the Librans may ultimately go running for the hills; should they measure each alternative and weigh it equally, they may never choose their customized Pinch!

At Salone: Pinch

Dordoni clearly considered comfort and lifestyle here, making the bed available with fixed and storage bases; slats and flat bases (intended for orthopedic mattresses); and even adjustable bases (manual and electric). Additionally, the bed can be positioned against a wall or floating in a room-another feature that pleases both classic and metropolitan tastes. Put the Pinch against a white wall, framed with wood moldings in a Colonial American home, or a French chateau; choose the elegant gray damask cover and pair the Pinch with antiques (Do you hear the Rachmaninov? Can you taste the mille-feuilles?). Or deposit the Pinch in the middle of an open loft in Miami’s Brickell Avenue neighborhood or in a Tokyo highrise; choose the black leather cover and showcase the Pinch with sleek lighting. (Do you hear Moby? Can you taste the Otoro?) Anything is possible with the Pinch! Use it in a small space and take advantage of the bed’s available storage; use it in a large space and let the bed dominate the room. Dordoni’s bed is equally customizable for the refined or the avant-garde. In a pinch, choose the Pinch.

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