Live at #IIDEX09: Kohler Goes Gold

Gold walks a fine line between classic and gaudy.  It can achieve a “romantic allure” or an overdone, ostentatious repulsion.  Kohler‘s two new Vibrant PVD faucet finishes: Vibrant Moderne Brushed Gold and Vibrant Moderne Polished Gold, is fortunately the former. The brushed finish offers a slightly muted, warm tone described as “confident without being haughty”; the polished is “charismatic, bright and vocal.”

Vibrant Moderne Faucet and Rêve Collection. Manufactured by Kohler.

A lot of personality in a small piece; both new finishes are being introduced on Kohler’s Purist faucet offerings. IDC awarded a bronze 2009 IIDEX/Neocon Canada Innovation Award to Kohler for these new finishes. Also new at Kohler is their honed finish, “the gentle texture of worn river rock and the warm, white tone of winter snow”. Now available for their Rêve Collection and other classic Kohler products, the smooth matte brings a “natural and organic feel to your space” that the typical shiny finishes are incapable of.


Check out the Purist faucet in Vibrante Moderne Brushed Gold and the Rêve Collection sink in Honed at Kohler’s booth at #IIDEX09 (# M201).

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