Hereke Silk Carpets

Mention Turkey and one instinctively conjures up images of bustling bazaars, exotic fragrances, quaint historic delights and of course exquisite carpets! A Turkish carpet doesn't just denote a piece of floor covering, but also represents the country's rich cultural heritage that flourished over centuries. Part Oriental, part European, Turkey has always been an intriguing symphony of sounds, smells and traditions, and the Turkish carpet epitomizes this sumptuous mix beautifully.

Silk Carpets. Manufactured by Hereke.

The Turkish Carpet is influenced by folklore, guided by tradition and celebrated for its intricate patterns. Hereke, the leading supplier of hand-woven carpets, is also steeped deeply in history since it was none other than Ottoman Sultan Abdülmecid I who established it in 1843. According to Sultan Abdülmecid I, the greatest palace of the world (his, located nearly at Hereke "Dolmabahçe Palace", which during the time was still being constructed) should also have the finest carpets of the world.

Hereke Silk Carpets

Pivoted primarily on the tradition of the art of knotting, the silken carpets of Hereke have a knotting-density at least a 1,000,000 per square meter (by comparison: woolen carpets, of a very high quality are knotted at a density of about 250,000 knots per square meter. The carpets are cautiously created in an arresting palette of vibrant reds, majestic blues, brooding blacks and vivid yellows.

Hereke carpets manage to recreate the subtleties of the Turkish traditions and artwork in all its splendor, and more importantly, in accordance with the original designs of the palace belonging to Sultan Abdülmecid I. Any living space can be transformed with the use of a Hereke carpet, which are available in a bevy of captivating colors, textures and patterns. The carpets reproduce the allure and elegance that symbolizes the glorious days of the Ottoman Empire.

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