Walls Go Zen

There’s something wonderful about Japanese aesthetics… the clean lines, natural materials and colors.

Zen Ocean Plaster. Manufactured by Aimori.

Zen Ocean Plaster

from Aimori adds a few more of my favorite things:

First, it goes on instead of paint, so you eliminate a source of VOCs and toxins, and the material itself breathes, deodorizing and resisting mold.

Second, it’s not manufactured from substances that have to be mined from the landscape, like clay – it’s made from scallop shells, a natural by-product of the seafood industry in Date, Japan. Two hundred thousand tons of scallop shells used to be thrown away every year; instead, they’re now recycled into this natural building product.

Finally, it’s gorgeous. The natural opalescence of the scallop shells comes through in the glossy finish, unlike matte traditional plaster; and there are 16 natural color options, from natural white and wheat to exotic plum and cherry blossom.

And it goes on quickly and simply in a single coat. They’ve even got a YouTube video showing a wall being plastered in just five minutes…


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