Lea Ceramiche’s Progetto L14: Monochromatic, Ceramic Masterpieces

Looking for more than the standard white subway tile? Intense hues and depth transform “the traditional concept of a tile into a new refreshing idea that furnishes and exploits the spaces with geometric lines and large chromatic surfaces…” Outlines, cuts, bar codes and matrices are created through three-dimensional texture rather than color. The Italian company Lea Ceramiche‘s monotone Progetto L14 collection is a contemporary series of glazed ceramic tiles available in several rectangular sizes in a multitude of solid hues.

Progetto L14. Designed by Lea Ceramiche.

Despite the lack of color variation and patterning, the Progetto L14 collection is far from boring. “The chromatic element represents the dominating pattern.”  Subtle depth or dramatic three-dimensional forms, shadows and highlights introduce color variation.  From pixel-like dots (matrix up) to ribbed patterns (record), slashes (spy) and puckers (soft), the textures are varied.  The regular shapes serve as modular tiles which can be combined in any number of configurations.  Since it IS possible to have too much of a good thing, pair up the bold patterns with a more subtle surface to keep it classy.  The collection includes seventeen decorative shapes or patterns available in twenty-one colors, in matte or glossy – so there’s no lack of options.

lea-ceramiche-s-progetto-l14- monochromatic-ceramic-masterpieces-large

lea-ceramiche-s-progetto-l14- monochromatic-ceramic-masterpieces-large2

lea-ceramiche-s-progetto-l14- monochromatic-ceramic-masterpieces-large3

lea-ceramiche-s-progetto-l14- monochromatic-ceramic-masterpieces-large4

lea-ceramiche-s-progetto-l14- monochromatic-ceramic-masterpieces-large5

While Progetto L14 is a decidedly contemporary (and maybe retro) aesthetic, Lea Ceramiche’sPaillettes collection co-opts a mosaic-like aesthetic, flaunting a sequined theme defined by an array of smallish circles.  With 30 years experience in Italian ceramics, experimentation, design, research, technology and quality continue to serve as the company’s core values.  Progetto L14 is 100% Eco Friendly – all waste produced during the production process is recycled either internally or externally and Lea Ceramiche boasts low gas emissions and 100% recyclable material used for packaging.  Thus, you can feel good about purchasing this environmentally conscious product.

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