Hamat’s Wing Fixtures Take Flight

We don’t often get to write about products that hail from certain countries. I can’t remember covering something from Luxembourg, for instance, or Turkey, for that matter. In fact, we may have missed entire continents. Part of fixing this geographical isolationism is this post, in which you shall travel leaps and bounds to the land of Israel, home of Hamat faucets.

Wings Collection. Manufactured by Hamat.

Within this country, for over 50 years, Hamat has been manufacturing faucets for the kitchen and bath—and they’ve been doing so from start to finish, “one of only four manufacturers worldwide who completely controls the faucet manufacturing process from the processing of the raw material through in-house casting, machining, polishing, finishing and assembly.” If you’d like to read more about them in English, then you should visit them at their USA-specific site, which reads (thankfully) from left to right.


For the bathroom, Hamat’s Wings faucets may be of interest. Like a cross between a Miró figure and a deer, this creature grows little antlers in upward sweeps—a form that happens to be ideal for its intended motion. Turning a faucet on and off has never been easier, and the double handles defy the faucet’s single water spout, which Hamat terms a “mixer.” Wings includes a Lav Mixer, a Tall Lav Mixer, a Bath Mixer, and a Concealed Bath Mixer. All this terminology makes me want to drink a cosmopolitan while I bathe, but such is the luxurious lifestyle that Wings inspires. If inclined, one might even take off with Wings and indulge in more devious flights of fancy. Wings will control your water in drifts and zips. Fancy this faucet? Then bring it in for a landing. Once grounded in your sink or tub, you can finish your aquatic flitting in stainless, satin, or chrome.

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