Ocean Inspired Tiles from Lunada Bay

Ocean Inspired Tiles from Lunada Bay

The design world has always been inspired by nature, and this year especially we've noticed coastal themes happening in just about every sector, especially in surfaces. Lunada Bay Tile has launched their own coastal inspired offering with Shinju, a ceramic tile collection with colors and textures reflecting those of the deep sea and the creatures within.


Shinju, which means "pearl" in Japanese, translates the ridges of mottled oyster shells, the shimmer of the pearls inside, the earthy brine of the sea, and the movement of waves into a modern, elegant tile collection ideal for coastal-themed bathrooms.


Patterns include Tide, with a lined texture that reflects the rising and falling of the sea; Hex, with a slightly raised center reminiscent of the crest of a wave; Swell Mosaic, a mosaic of multi-sized tiles inspired by rolling waves; and Reef, a contemporary blend with a coarse texture similar to its craggy namesake. Smooth tiles also are available.


The textures combine with five shimmering colors-Kumamoto (white), Kushi (light silver), Moonstone (dark silver), Pacific (chocolate brown/bronze), and Olympia (dark copper)-to complete the effect. Shinju can be used alone or in combination with Lunada Bay Tile's glass collections.

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