Clutching the Last Straw with Scott Jarvie’s Clutch Chair and Light

The Clutch Chair by Scott Jarvie emerged from his “observation of the structural characteristics of trees,” which was part of a larger project based on a microscopic focus on flora and “the directional properties of Capillary tubes (xylem).”

Made of 10,000 drinking straws, Clutch Chair was chosen by Zaha Hadid as the Curator’s Choice at the Noise Festival 2008. Jarvie’s design is a conceptual research piece that “passes comment on our disposable culture.”

Clutch Chair. Designed by Scott Jarvie.

Using the same material, Jarvie also produced a “primitive spot light.” This wall lamp uses the translucency of the inner straws to transmit light “in a directional manner creating a jewelesque effect.” Both designs showcase Jarvie’s unconventional approach to product, furniture, and graphic design. The Glasgow-born Jarvie “believes that the solution to any design problem can be assimilated by creative interrogation, research and thought.” Already an artistic force, Jarvie’s work has won numerous awards, not the least of which was the aforementioned Curator’s Choice—if Zaha Hadid recognizes his talent, then he’s clearly a designer to watch.


Clutch Chair up close. Designed by Scott Jarvie.


Clutch Light. Designed by Scott Jarvie.


Clutch Light. Designed by Scott Jarvie.

While the Clutch Chair and the Clutch Light exist as theoretical pieces, Jarvie is sure to produce actual, physical design that will surprise people, making them question the underlying cultural and philosophical meanings behind everyday objects. Jarvie’s work combines the “tangible and cerebral”—and this juncture of left and right brain is showcased in the Clutch pieces.

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