Hästens: A Bed of Dreams

“Enter the world of Hästens ownership.  A world where sleep is sublime, and your inner self is freed to explore your ultimate dreams.”  When a company partners with Wallpaper Magazine to “search the globe for the most innovative designers” from fields as diverse as fashion and technology, and challenges “four of them to showcase [their] iconic beds in the bedrooms of their dreams,” it is likely a luxury brand.  Such is the case with Hastens, “the haute couture of the industry.” 

Superia. Manufactured by Hästens.

Family owned and operated since 1852, Hästens provides handmade beds for the likes of the Swedish royal family. In the same way Burberry can be identified by its signature plaid pattern, Hästens’ checkered pattern is becoming recognizable – potentially as a result of their ad campaign, featuring Czech model Adela Capova floating over the blue and white checkered Hastens bed.  Hast is Swedish for horse, referencing the manufacturer`s 1852 beginnings as a saddle making company and the trademark material in their mattresses. Saddles were padded with horsehair, later recognized as being the stuffing for mattresses. Hästens beds are hand-made of all non-synthetic cotton, wool, flax, horsehair with bed frames of slow-growing Swedish Pine. Made to last a lifetime, they have a a 25-year warranty against spring and frame breakage. “We process the horsehair, we stitch, we cut and we tack. Finally, we make the last stitches and tuft the bed by hand to ensure the same quality.”





With pricepoints between $3,000 and $54,000, they’re not for your average Joe. Hastens’ website allows you to find hotels outfitted with their beds, thus giving you the opportunity to try it out for a night (or a few) before making the investment.   The beds consist of either a mattress and box spring combined in one piece in a wood frame (known as a frame bed) with a removable pillowtopper, or as a three part beds — a removable pillowtopper, a thick spring mattress, and a boxspring in a wood frame (their continental beds and adjustable beds).  The company manufacturers three styles of the classic Swedish frame bed – Superia (also available as a round bed), Excel and Naturally; four styles of continental beds -Vividus, 2000T, Excelsior (also available as a round bed) and Continental; and four options for adjustable beds – Citation, Adjustable, Comfortable and Naturally Adjustable.   They are available in TwinXL, Full, Queen, King and CA-King, as well as British and European sizes.

A good night’s sleep is obviously very valuable, and Hästens is the g0-to brand (assuming your budget is in line with the haute couture industry). But if you’d prefer to leave behind the box spring in favor of new technology, check out Axel Bloom beds with their slat-suspension systems.

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