Ennio Arosio’s You and Me: Platform Bed by Ivano Redaelli

There’s nothing like a fortuitous coincidence to inject a bit of meaning into another work-a-day Tuesday. Enjoying a tuna sandwich between posts, I happened onto HGTV and superstar decorator David Bromstad’s “Color Splash,” wherein the talented Bromstad had just injected a bit of meaning into the hapless work-a-day Tuesday of yet another suburban couple by transforming their rumpled mess of beige sheets into a captivating, techni-colored “bedscape.”

You and Me. Designed by Ennio Arosio for Ivano Redaelli.

All kidding aside, the transformation was something to see, and rather apropos of the subject of this post, the “solid pinewood and multi-level wooden structure” that is the You and Me Bed by Ennio Arosio for Ivano Redaelli. The piece’s name puts me in mind of yet another anecdote. Here’s the short version: a 19 year old version of me goes shopping for a bed and ponders whether to purchase a twin or queen, and the shifty-eyed salesman retorts, “you won’t always be sleeping alone, will you?” Indeed not, thankfully. And were the Mrs. and I in the market for such, Arosio’s piece might very well top our short-list. This isn’t only because of the implied intimacy and comcomitant marketing savvy of the name, but also for the ingenuity of the design, the versatility of the presentation.




You and me has the stark linearity and modern feel of earlier products (see Axel Bloom and Christoffer Martens), but the real selling point is its incorporation of Ivano Redalli’s amazing selection of textiles. Constituted of a combo of polyurethane stuffing and cotton jersey, You and Me features removable covers in IR’s extensive range of fabrics and leathers, which not only signifies domestic familiars such as linen, cotton, jersey, and wool, but also exotics like Italian cachemire and Mongolian suede.

This variety is terrific and tantalizing of course, but my favorite thing about You and Me is the platform style frame that enables the transformation of the mundane “bed” into Bromstad’s imaginative “bedscape.” The extra elevated space—along with the personalized arrangement of color and texture—elucidates IR’s heartfelt (if somewhat awkwardly translated) take on their unique brand of repose: “exclusive beds, technically different one from each other, for a real nightstyle that combines design and textile variety… extraordinary dimensions for relax islands to place with the most freedom, exceeding limits between day and night, between good feeling and personal style.”

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