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is one company that loves to be Italian, and who can blame them, since Italy is a kind of ground zero for all things fashion, including interior design. Their website says they create products "with an all-Italian design style and lifestyle, something that is unique and cannot in any way be reproduced elsewhere yet which interacts with the various international contemporary design trends."

Translation: "we are Italy and our designs will take the world by storm." So what is the essence of "Italian-ness" in interior design? As someone once said of the mysteries of art, "I don't know how to define it but I know it when I see it" (or was that pornography?). Either way, I'm not sure how to define Italian-ness but I know it when I want to sleep in it.

Wing Headboard and Bed. Designed by Peter Ross. Manufactured by Bonaldo.

In that spirit, we present Wing - an upholstered bed with matching over-sized quilted headboard designed by Peter Ross. Since the headboard covers a huge portion of wall, Wing lets you choose your bed height: super-low for that stylishly tousseled minimalist "I'm young and hip and I just rolled out of bed" look; higher for that more elegant and controlled "I have a job and I make my bed daily look." Whatever your lifestyle preference, Wing will fit the bill: the headboard comes in a variety of sizes (63" high by 84", 87", 94" or 100" long), and the fabric is removable, so you can experiment with different sizes as well as colors.

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The website shows Wing in a vibrant cherry red, a shade which has me thinking of that Italian thing again - I could see it in a room in Naples where Sophia Lauren (from The Pride and the Passion era) torments Carey Grant, or just as easily picture it in a South Beach loft where George Clooney and Jennifer Lopez reprise their tryst from Out of Sight. Point taken: in high design, "Made in Italy" means quintessentially Italian as well as international in scope, adaptable to different eras as well as different lifestyles and locales. This big, bright, pretty-as-a-picture headboard personifies contemporary luxury. It speaks to the inner Italian in us all.

Posted March 26, 2008 by Joseph Starr

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