Easy Street Collection by Bentley Prince

Two oscillating messages figure prominently on the Bentley Prince Street website: the first gently nudges you to “close the loop” by disposing of your used carpet responsibly, and the second boasts the tantalizing teaser “what do you call a carpet that helps stop global warming?” A click on the former reveals a plethora of information vis a vis the carpet reclamation process, ending in the happy affirmation that Bentley will reclaim any carpet product and keep it out of the landfill.

Easy Street Collection. Manufactured by Bentley Prince Street.

A click on the latter shows a detailed account of how Bentley’s investments in carbon offsets and Leed certified technology leads to a carbon neutral product. Both reclamation/recycling and low-emission production figure in all of Bentley Prince’s carpet, but especially so with their latest collection: Easy Street boasts five complimentary solution dyed patterns (each made with Aquafil’s Alto Chroma, and each evoking the lineal configuration of a path well-travelled)–“Hill Street,” “Lake Street,” “Oak Street,” and “Washington Blvd.” The patterns are predictably complementary, as well as somewhat conservative, but that doesn’t make them any less handsome. Nor does it detract from the endless variety of configurations possible by mixing and matching the subtle designs. In fact, by integrating Bentley’s signature “Central Avenue,” pattern–a solid piece pile in 30 vivid or neutral colors–Easy Street becomes exponentially versatle, “available in a combination of broadloom and carpet tile to accommodate multiple functional and design needs.”


But the story doesn’t end with this cornucopia of options. As Bentley is quick to point out, Easy Street announces the beginning of the end of the “open loop”: “Easy Street is manufactured with recycled content nylon, with up to 10% post-consumer recycled content fiber and at least 17% pre-consumer recycled content fiber… Also, the standard backing system contains recycled content derived from post-consumer carpet.” The upshot of this eco-wise manufacture? Dare I say a carpet that helps end global warming?

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