At NeoCon 2022: Surface Standouts

At NeoCon 2022: Surface Standouts

What have we seen that appeals to our tactile sensibilities? What products make us want to kick off our shoes and dip in our bare toes? What wall adornments beckon with their raw visual appeal?

BuzziRugs blue

There are too many to count, of course, but here are a few that especially caught our eyes and made us want to do some bona fide barefooting.


Gold BuzziRug

It was perhaps only a matter of time before the manufacturer with the buzzy name who’s aces at acoustics would get flat (on the ground, that is). “A multidimensional statement piece,” BuzziRugs provide that gentle buzz with round and rectangular area rugs in several sizes, so you “can define zones without having to build walls, all while adding warmth and a vintage feel.”


Phillip Jeffries Adorn

From Phillip Jeffries, Adorn is a dramatic wallcovering inspired by the Japanese art of Kintsugi. Roughly translated as “golden joinery,” Kintsugi is the craft of repairing cracked pottery with lacquer that’s been dusted or mixed with powdered gold or other precious metals. It’s a cool conceit that offers an otherworldly appeal—sort of like streaks of lighting or rays of light escaping from the dark beyond.

Wild Kingdom

Wild Kingdom upholstery on spinning chair

C.F. Stinson celebrates the natural world (and brings a bit of it into your curtains and upholstery) with Wild Kingdom. The “offbeat and irrestible” collection offers evocations of fanciful animals, foundational myths, and venerated folklore: “each fabric has its unique story sprung from the animals of our imagination.”

OneFlor SetaGrip

standout surfaces OneFlor LVT in grayish wood

Get a grip with this handsome LVT flooring that takes inspiration from the gecko, of all creatures. In search of a way to install flooring without using glue, OneFlor found it in the webby interstices of the green guy’s feet. SetaGrip uses “micro suction adhesive technology,” an approach that capitalizes on
the vacuum pressure of millions of microscopic suction cups. It makes for a clean, easy, and foolproof bond. And it’s available in 24 SKUs of complimentary patterns and colorways.

Shaw Contract + West Elm

Surfaces Shaw Contract + West Elm carpet tile

We had to include at least one Best of winner in this list. And so it is with West Elm + Shaw Contract, Gold winner for Area Rugs. As you might expect, the collection is vibrant and high performing, combining the hand-crafted quality and residential look of the former with the durability and sustainable ethos of the latter.

Astratta Wallcovering

Astratta Wallcovering Miami collection

Astek Walls offers a bona fide taste of the southernmost tip of Florida with this Miami-inspired collection. Astratta employs the pastel palette and Art Deco patterns of the city for a multi-hued line-up of “precise geometry and handmade texture.” Styles include “Hialeah,” “Miami Springs,” “Little Havana,” and “South Beach.”

If you’re at the show, you’re lucky enough to explore these standout surfaces in person: Shaw Contract, 10-14; BuzziSpace, 10-111; astek wallcoverings, 70-3010; OneFlor, 7-8046; C.F. Stinson, 10-150; and Phillip Jeffries, 6-136.

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