Cellphone-Controlled Lighting: Modula’s Color Therapy Lamp

The Color Therapy Lamp by Modula is the geek’s wildest dream. When said technophile wants to take a break from texting or twittering (or whatever else he’s engaged in via mobile device), he can stop to adjust his lamp’s color. Remotely. The techie can rest easy knowing he can set his Color Therapy Lamp to the palette of radiance he needs when he finally reaches home. Designer Peter Kuhar explains the reason for his lamp’s adjustability: “Different activities require different types of lighting… Green forests or blue oceans for relaxation, red and orange fires for creativity and romantics, yellow flowers for attention.”

Color Therapy Lamp. Manufactured by Modula.

The real appeal of this ceiling-mounted LED pendant however, is the ability to tinker with the exact mood of a space’s atmosphere via one’s cell phone. Gradient bars (powered by Bluetooth technology) and apparently an API is on the way that will allow Modula’s lighting to sync and operate by way of other mobile gadgets. So if our geek should land a date on his way home—perhaps he’s run into the girl with the blue hair from the comic book store—then he can set the mood by turning his Color Therapy Lamp to …–chances are, blue would be her preference. If our techie has had a bad day and needs to get out his frustrations via light, he can choose red. Luckily, the Color Therapy Lamp also features a motherboard green—for idyllic reminiscences perhaps.



All the conceptual energy behind this lamp would be of no point if the final product were to look as unattractive as our story’s hero. Have no fear: the Color Therapy Lamp is a sleek trio of circles that hangs from the ceiling like a constellation of UFOs. The lamp is also efficient (it should be, given its purpose is “for geeks to play”). White LEDs from Philips provide a high output of light—all controlled “with the use of 36 high quality RGB (multicolor) LEDs from Avago Technologies.” I find it interesting that the Modula website feels it needs to explain RGB at all, given their intended customers. With eons of hours of lamp life, the Color Therapy Lamp claims “you’ll never again have to change a life bulb”—with puns like that, the makers give themselves away as bona fide geeks. It’s always good for designers to know their market!

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