Ilanel’s Saturn Lamp

Ilanel’s Saturn Lamp

Explore the outer hemispheres of the imagination with Ilanel’s enchanting Saturn Lamp. Named so for the obvious correspondence to the second-largest and most-ringed planet, Saturn evokes the planetary penchant of interplay between gaseous and solid forms.

Saturn Lamp in black

In this case, the “gas” manifests as a pure nimbus of light, etched into the surface right smack at the “equator.”

Close view of pendant lamp in dark walnut

The light’s ring is actually a subtle reveal, a tantalizing gap that lets the light from the acrylic diffuser shine through—just so at the planet’s southern pole, a gap in the sheathing provides targeted down-lighting. Or, for the table version, up-, side-, or diagonal-lighting.

Saturn table lamp in dark wood

Saturn’s dual hemispheres are from hand-turned, FSC-certified solid timber finished with low-VOC water-based stains in several colors: Natural, Walnut, Lime White, Onyx, Olive, Aqua, and Terra.

In Terra, kind of a rusty orange/brown color
Bedroom scene with two 
Saturn pendant lamps on either side of bed in mostly white room

Find out more about this light that lets you see the earth in a whole new perspective at Ilanel. And for another pendant light that plays with form, check out LightArt’s Ocean Coil Collection.

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