Karing by Kohler

Karing by Kohler

In previous posts, I've mentioned that in the United States we just don't appreciate bidets. But all-in-one toilets are starting to get popular-and they are sneaking the bidet into American households. Karing by Kohler is an intelligent, skirted, elongated toilet with an ovoid shape that "makes a stunning style statement."

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As it happens, Karing also offers "personal cleaning." The sleek and powerful toilet includes a self-cleaning wand and precision air dryer with programmable settings for two users that personalize the bathroom experience, with features such as setting water temperature.

remoteAdditional benefits unrelated to bidet functionality include motion-activated, hands-free opening/closing, LED lighting for nighttime convenience, and automatic self-cleaning after each use. Karing also includes a carbon filter that neutralizes odor-which should make everyone happy. An intuitive touchscreen remote can be handheld or wall-mounted.

LED light
For well-styled toilets and other bathroom products, visit www.us.kohler.com.

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