Roger Borg Does Post-90’s Neon

When you hear “neon” you likely think “‘90s” (followed by Will Smith’s 1990s alter-ego, The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air and a little Saved by the Bell). Moving beyond neon fashion into glowing home décor, Artist Roger Borg has introduced a new concept in lighting with his Modern Neon Lamps. Though significantly more evolved than the ‘90s glowstick, the basic premise is the same: rather than a lamp which hides the light source, the lamp becomes the light source.

Modern Neon Lamps. Designed by Roger Borg.

From his New-Jersey-based studio 419 Neon, Borg has created a series which ranges from of free-standing stackable lighting to fabricated lampshades, glowing blue milk cartons and green illuminated Coke bottle bottoms. “A blue table lamp, this one was made by freezing a set of LED’s in a crushed milk carton filled with water,” Borg explains. “It has since melted…” Borg’s pieces don’t rely on anchoring fixtures but instead stand alone in various color combinations and free-standing arrangements. The Color Stack neon lamp is composed of stacked multi-colored neon components while the Six Column Merge and Oval Crush both exude clear, white light¬ (making them suitable for a wider range of applications. The Bulge Lamp is just as the name implies.)



Borg explains his work as follows: “…This most recent and evolving body of work [has] presented itself as a synthesis of two very independent antecedents, the flat stacks and the open series. Although these series arose and continued in parallel for some time, existing as independent entities, their unique characteristics have been fused into a new lineage and a new vernacular. The diaphanous nature of the open series and the density of the flat stacks have found a way to coexist, merging from one state to the other. The horizontal stacks have turned vertical, forming a dense central core, which in turn yields its mass by stretching outward and away from this cluster. Thus it transitions from solid to open, and in a way, so have I.”

Borg has proven the relevance of neon beyond the fashion trends of the ’90s and the “Coors Light” sign in your neighborhood bar. Although Alexandra Von Furstenberg introduced neon into the modern era with her line of  lucite furniture, as noted on 3rings, Borg’s designs are more convincing.  A tasteful yet playful white-light lamp or a Color Stack of neon lights, Borg’s designs will add to any space.

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