Moroso x Diesel = Successful Living’s Xray Group

The fabulous Italian furniture company Moroso has teamed up with an unlikely partner—Diesel. If you’re thinking tight denim and retro patterns, you’re on the right track. Yes, the gritty people responsible for high-octane clothing are now getting their greasy hands on furniture. The Moroso and Diesel collection includes sofas, chairs, and tables all of which exemplify “a relaxed and comfortable mood…with a distinctive design of pure lines.” The resulting group of furniture is called Successful Living, which sounds like a recipe for happiness.

Xradio 2 disc Table. Designed in collaboration by Moroso and Diesel.

The Xray Group celebrates a magnificent medical invention from the turn-of-the-century that brought with it visions of superhero glory. The penetrating vision of the Xray produced radiographic images that haunt us visually, ethereal hallucinations of beauty beneath the skin. Translate this aesthetic into a side table, a low table, and a room divider and you’ve got the haunting Xray Group. The Xradio 1 Razza side table has a steel lacquered raw black base; the Xradio 2 Disc low table shares this foundation but also incorporates a crystal top with a film inlay that plays with the visual layering typical of the radiographic process. This underdrawing is even more striking in the Xradio 3 Natura Morta, the room divider with a printed inlay, which shows a corrupted still life—almost glowing in its unearthliness. The print appears like a specter against the black frame in aluminum extrusion and the methyl metacrylathe panels.


Xradio 2 Disc Radio. Designed in collaboration by Moroso and Diesel.


Xradio 2 Disc Radio. Designed in collaboration by Moroso and Diesel.


Xraydio 1 Razza table. Designed in collaboration by Moroso and Diesel.

Moroso and Diesel’s furniture group represents what this unusual design pairing can do in their Successful Living Collection. With historical allusions to xray technology and its associated cultural and aesthetic connotations, the Xray Group combines eerie overlays with modern lines.

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