Softer Shapes for the Workspace: Fleet by OFS

Softer Shapes for the Workspace: Fleet by OFS

As a synonym for speediness, or the ability to change and adapt quickly, the word “Fleet” fills the bill.

So it’s no wonder that OFS chose the term for their latest workplace furniture collection, a line of tables, seating, and planters that’s “an expandable, mobile solution empowering users to craft space to fit their needs.”

Fleet begins with the humble table, here adorned with a nifty attachment and pivoting mechanism, letting users double standing space in a matter of seconds.

The tables also form the nifty trick of incorporating power, cleverly concealed so you can’t even see it. Thus keeping the surrounding environs nice and tidy.

The tables can also be customized to a variety of heights, lengths, and widths, just so to support intimate collaboration or larger meetings. Fleet also offers canopy and write board accessories. And for those working at home, wired-in screens complement the overall aesthetic while enabling remote participants to feel as close as possible to the actual goings-on.

Lastly, Fleet offers a biophilic addition in the form of elegant planters with the same soft profile as the worktops.

You’ll also notice that the color scheme departs from the grays and blacks we’ve all become (perhaps excessively) accustomed to. Designers Webb Associates say “People want a more welcoming environment… by bringing in the softer shapes and the brighter colors, Fleet helps people be more comfortable as they return to the office.”

Fleet table with three people standing

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