Castle by Roll and Hill

Castle by Roll and Hill

Inspired by the rook in chess, which can only move orthogonally (at right angles), Castle by Roll and Hill comes in various iterations, but its pieces are always horizontal or vertical.


The inspiration for Castle may have served as a design constraint-and, at best, an imposed restriction yields beautiful expression. The imagination, when shackled, must find ways to free itself, like a clever magician escaping from a trunk.


The Castle chandelier, designed by Roll and Hill founder Jason Miller, alludes to Art Deco with its horizontal and vertical banding (most noticeable in black), but it also recalls the pipes of a cathedral organ (especially when finished in brushed brass) or the light sabers of a galactic force.


Castle combines glass pieces of various lengths, and the number of units it employs determines its name. The 12 series of Castle, which is new, uses 12 light bars in four combinations known as 12-01, 12-02, 12-03, and 12-04. Castle also comes with 9 and 18 pieces.


The frame is finished in black, bronze, polished nickel, or brushed brass. Glass is available in smoke, clear, or cream. Constructed of machined aluminum and glass, Castle employs LED lights to create a striking glow inside the glass ducts.


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