Verdo Chandelier for a Green Luminaire

Verdo Chandelier for a Green Luminaire

The Verdo chandelier by Industry West is a quick and easy path to some inviting biophilia.

Verdo chandelier with faux greenery

Featuring a simple design of matte black metal with saddle leather details, Verdo offers a curvaceous aesthetic for suspending your choice of bulbs or living foliage.

Verdo chandelier metal cage close-up

The light’s metal cages accommodate artificial greenery as well as the real deal. (Our preference is for the latter). Or for a spare look, the cages can be left empty.

Verdo chandelier empty cages

They could also be adorned with various items of your choosing: glass balls? A menagerie of miniature animals? It’s definitely an open slate that calls for creativity.

Verdo chandelier with plant buds above kitchen table

Go to Industry West to learn more. And see Designer Pages Media for more unusual and exotic chandeliers.

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