At #NeoCon09: Green by Gordon International

We spoke to Peter Spalding this morning at the wonderfully civilized 11th floor of NeoCon09. The Vice President of Gordon International showed us the three iterations of the Green Chair—single-color side chair, two-tone side chair, and armchair. Designed by Pocci and Dondoli at Studio Archirivolto, the Green Series continues the polycarbonate chair trend.

Green chair. Manufactured by Gordon International.

Lightweight and stackable, the Green Chairs are being introduced in the United States at NeoCon09. Spalding explains that the Green Series represents what GI does best: make products that are “the frosting on the cake for project work.” Unique and playful, the Green Chairs add splashes of individuality to lobbies and otherwise serious commercial spaces. In red, green, clear, black, blue, and white, the collection is indeed “new and vibrant,” to quote Spalding. Available in transparent and opaque finishes, Green combinations are many; their clear armchair with a black opaque horizontal band shows off the Series’ potential. I like the solid translucent side chair in red—a group of them would look great in my green, green yard. Since they’re made to last inside or out, Green Chairs make stylish, non-traditional patio furniture. Despite Spalding’s own preferences (he’s not a fan of certain hues), Green does indeed look great in green.


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