At BKLYN DESIGNS 2009: TIDES’ Luxury With a Conscience

With the nearly ninety degree weather we experienced in Manhattan earlier this week came a surge of excitement for outdoor spaces. The streets were filled with outdoor diners, dog walkers, strollers and workers alike; even Starbucks customers were ordering “iced” and stepping outside to enjoy their cool beverages rather than immediately returning to work. Whether or not this “summer weather” was a teaser or the beginning of a great season, it is obviously time to vamp up your outdoor space.

Designed by Randy Rollner of TIDES.

“Meticulously designed and manufactured in Brooklyn NY, TIDES furniture seamlessly merges function, beauty and sustainability. The modern aesthetic of architectural clean lines combined with quality and comfort were the criteria of designer, Randy Rollner.” A classic, streamlined, modern aesthetic defines the TIDES collection that, like B&B Italia’s Charles sofa or the Eames lounger, will never go out of style. The steel collection in particular can be likened to Richard Schultz’s 1966 Collection and many of Royal Botania’s pieces, as each of these designs evokes a classic, modern sensibility. On the deck, poolside, or in the garden; inner-city or countryside, the collections are ideal for everywhere outdoor.





Luxury with a conscience; “the TIDES Collection is part of a tight closed loop system, making it one of the most ecologically responsible designs in the current marketplace.” Similarly to Ecosystems Brand, “after a long and plentiful life span, TIDES furniture can be returned to our factory for recycling or reconditioning.” Although it may go without saying, TIDES material selection is based on ecological sensibility, durability, strength and beauty: T-304 Stainless steel available with an electro-polished finish and IPE wood certified by the Forest Stewardship Council.

If your budget doesn’t permit the purchase of an entire outdoor collection, consider investing in several complements: from planters to small tables. Like high-end accessories added to an otherwise inexpensive outfit, this can add a lap of modern luxury to your outdoor space. TIDES is bringing ecological sensibility to outdoor settings, eliminating the need to sacrafice luxury for conscience.

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