Living Together is a BDNY Winner

If you’re going to live together you may as well do it in style.

Together table ash

Technically, you don’t live with colleagues, though you do spend lots of time around them. The Together line, from Vermont Farm Table, is a collection of exquisitely crafted wooden tables. Like most of Vermont Farm Table’s output, they celebrate the beauty of solid wood.

Together table black

The Together table comes in many incarnations, like Ash True Black (above) and Custom Hand-Sanded Reclaimed Pine (below), yet they all have beauty and functionality at the core: “simple design, clean lines and little to distract the eye.”

detail of joinery

At this year’s BDNY, Vermont Farm Table introduced a new wrinkle: a customizable, biophilic, communal table with a live edge Ash top, steel legs, and a shining white powder-coat finish. The judges were so taken with this evolution of the Together line that they awarded it best of show in the Furniture category.

Together table with steel legs and white powdercoat

Read more about Vermont Farm Table.

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