At BKLYN DESIGNS 2009: Dwellings with Spirit

Object Interiors is a company committed to nature—aesthetically and environmentally. They use nature as inspiration and material. By “minimiz[ing] the environmental impact of every new product,” Object Interiors fulfills their goal: to “leave the planet in a better state than we found it.” Thankfully, Object Interiors is one of many furniture companies melding sustainability and design.

Om Meditation Table. Manufactured by Object Interiors.

What they are creating within this eco-conscious vision is contemporary and timeless–they want their pieces to be handed down for generations. Ultimately, Object Interiors has a higher vision: to use their boutique-style firm to offer personalized service in order to “create furnishings and objects that inspire the spirit.” In keeping with the company’s lofty mission, Object Interiors is showing pieces from two collections at BKLYN DESIGNS 2009—Live Earth and Spirit Series. The Live Earth Collection takes its cue from organic shapes and botanicals, featuring pieces made from plants, based on plants, or meant for plants: Coup d’ Grace Media Console has sliding doors embedded with dried stalks; Felt Up Daybed has gingko flowers embroidered on the pillow; and Lube Console Table has a built-in flower vase. These are Object Interior’s newest pieces—all of which capitalize on the sensual shapes and textures of flora.


Om Meditation Table. Manufactured by Object Interiors.


Om Meditation Cushion. Manufactured by Object Interiors.


Coup de Grace Media Console. Manufactured by Object Interiors.

The Spirit Series Collection is also featured at BKLYN DESIGNS 2009, including the Om Meditation Table and Om Ergonomic Cushion. Going one step further than the Live Earth Series, Spirit Series is “designed specifically for establishing sacred space.” The low Om Meditation Table is ideally suited for seated contemplation, with a cantilevered shelf meant to hold your “spiritual collateral.” For your meditation practice—at work or at home—use the Om Ergonomic Cushion to complete your private altar. “Filled with buckwheat hulls” and “made from organic silk dupioni,” the Om Cushion should help silence that daily mental traffic. Object Interiors has thought practically about spirituality: the Om Meditation Table is a mere 13″ deep and high, but it is available in three lengths of 36, 54, and 72 inches. Each Meditation Table comes with an optional Om engraving for an extra $300 (not a bad price to pay for nirvana).

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