Valuta for Planters with Panache

Valuta for Planters with Panache

Magnuson Group and QDesign offer a clever way to incorporate some biophilia and take the harsh edges off of waste receptacles too with the Valuta planter collection.

Valuta in silver planters bookending waste and recycling receptacles

A modular concept whose dimensions allow easy integration with the Valuta waste and recycling receptacles, Valuta planters can sit side-by-side with disposal stations for a pleasant aesthetic.

Valuta in anthracite with waste receptacles

While the planters certainly play nice with the waste receptacles, they also do just fine by their lonesome, making an attractive home for all manner of greenery.

Three white planters of different heights and widths

Valuta planters are painted steel. Color options include Bronze Metallic, Anodized Silver, Dark Anthracite, and Lunar White. They are LEED-certified for locally sourced materials, recycled content, and post-life recyclability.

Bronze Valuta planters four sizes
Silver colored planters and waste basket

See Magnuson and to find out more.

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