Kids Imagination Desk and Chair by The Cardboard Guys

Kids Imagination Desk and Chair by The Cardboard Guys

Three recent Industrial Technology graduates from Cal Poly San Luis Obispo, Jake Disraeli, Justin Farr and Jordan Kepler, have designed a new line of environmentally friendly, flat-pack children's furniture made entirely from cardboard.Girl Playing with Desk

The ‘Kids Imagination’ desk and chair is the first launch from new eco-friendly children’s furniture company The Cardboard Guys

After learning about the 9.8 million tons of furniture that ends up in the US waste stream each year, the trio founded their studio, The Cardboard Guys, and set about designing their line of unique structural furniture that can snap together easily, can withstand an incredible amount of weight, and is 100% recyclable.

Coloring on Kids Imagination Desk

Made in the USA from 40-60% post-consumer recycled fiber, the debut pieces are called the ‘Kids Imagination’ desk and chair and were designed with the help of feedback from over 200 parents and children.

Elephant Desk

The desk is equipped with reversible outer pieces, cubbies, and side tabs for DIY accessories and decorations that encourage children to customize their design.

American Flag Desk

Each item arrives flat-packed, requires no adhesives for assembly, and snaps together easily. The pieces are also surprisingly strong with the chair able to hold more than 500 lbs in weight.

Pink & Blue Desk

"With kids being the only demographic that physically grow out of their furniture, we believe this recyclable alternative made from corrugated fiberboard solves a real problem." says Co-Founder, Jordan Kepler.  Justin Farr, CEO & Co-Founder, adds "We learned that parents want to provide their kids with an environment to color outside the lines; a place for creative freedom. The ‘Kids Imagination’ desk and chair is theirs to do just that."

Polka Dot Desk

Currently campaigning on Kickstarter in order to raise funds for their first run of manufacturing, The Cardboard Guys are offering backers the opportunity to pre-order the Kids Imagination desk and chair for discounted prices along with items such as a miniature and life-size version of The Cardboard Guys’ mascot, Cardboard Corey.

Team Pic- Jumping Over Furniture


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About the designers: The Cardboard Guys create cardboard furniture that allows kids to express their creativity in a way that is fun and environmentally friendly. Founded by three recent Cal Poly San Luis Obispo graduates, the company believes cardboard is the ideal material for children's furniture: for stimulating creative thinking, for being recyclable, and for its natural properties of strength and durability. The Cardboard Guys' unique furniture design is truly a blank canvas for creativity.

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