Check Mate: Robert Austin Gonzalez’s Grace Collection

“One of a kind, one at a time.” Brooklyn designer Robert Austin Gonzalez is making a name for himself with his original table designs that exude a decidedly sculptural quality. His collection “Grace,” which he has described as a celebration of beauty, is obviously named after his daughter (Grace.) “Pure and luxurious, with stately elegance combined with a stand out and get noticed attitude.” The Grace Collection is made up of unique pieces, produced one at a time, in limited editions or upon commission.

Grace Collection table. Designed by Robert Austin Gonzalez of Robert Austin Gonzalez.

Grace is a line of tables with glass tops and hand-turned legs. The legs of the Grace tables have been likened to “chess pieces,” sculptural focal points on which a glass tabletop rests. “Mix(ing) masculine and feminine sensibilities”, “look(ing) at the past and bring(ing) it into the present;” Grace exhibits a modern sensibility with an eclectic appeal. “Using unexpected scale and materials is my idea of truly modern,” the designer states. The hand-turned legs of the table are made from the wood of fallen trees, which is sent directly to the lathe to be formed, each in its own unique way. Robert dries them for months prior to finishing them; oiling or coating the wood in layers and layers of lacquer (white, sand or mink brown), taking several more weeks time. Patience is obviously an essential aspect of his work. With table legs that are oiled rather than lacquered, Robert allows the wood’s history and identity to come through: letting the grains split and looking for worm holes and color variations. Each piece has an identity of its own.






Robert Austin Gonzalez’s Grace collection, with its mismatched table legs, seems to draw inspiration from renowned Spanish designer Jaime Hayon. The Spanish designer dispelled the notion that tables were to be supported by four matching legs, introducing diversely carved legs, from modern and more traditional within a single table.

Robert’s design experience includes work for Cannondale bicycles, apartment renovations, and office furniture in addition to his collections. Given that Robert is the father of a second child, Eli, we will keep our eyes open for a hypothetical future collection in his name.  In the meantime, check out some other Brooklyn designers recently featured on 3Rings including Bruce Marsh Designs, Uhuru, and Counter Evolution.

A 36-inch-square coffee table with oiled-oak legs and a bronze glass top is just shy of $5,000; with lacquered legs, it runs at about $5,800. A rectangular dining table (42” by 78”) with lacquered legs is about $8,600.

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