At BKLYN DESIGNS 2009: Let the Children Play with Casa Kids’ Loft Beds

In our ongoing continuum of comparison among products and trends, Roberto Gil’s Loft Beds for Casa Kids straddle the divide (or perhaps “join the fronts”) between “kids’ design” and “space savers.” On the one hand, there are the pieces with high utility for children but a very adult aesthetic appeal à la Flexi Bath and Fresco High Chair. And on the other, we have space-savvy furnishings designed for adults but intrinsically appealing to kids such as with Clei Space Savers and Tumidei Mini Lofts).

Loft Beds. Designed by Roberto Gil of Casa Kids.

With Gil’s modular bedroom sets, in which “the space under the bed is as important as the bed itself,” you can house your kids in sensible, sustainable style. Gil’s Loft Beds are ahead of the curve. Maybe this is owed to his Argentinian origins—the home of the Tango being, perhaps, the most European of the South American countries. You’ll all remember, of course, what Alicita said about how the continental sense of space is necessarily transforming our “elbow room” mentality. As with Tumidei Lofts, Casa Kids’ stackable bedroom sets have the right idea—to quote Seinfeld‘s irrepressible Kramer in a momentary fit of apartmental re-arrangement: “It’s all about LEVELS, JERRY!”




Loft Beds provide levels and more. Gil’s six models each feature an elevated sleeping space (from 66″ to 75″ off the ground), and incorporate various configurations and features for storage, work (yes, today’s kids are expected to “work”), and play, including hanging closets, adjustable shelves, hampers, drawers, desks, bookshelves, ladders, steps (with storage beneath the landing), a sliding laptop tray (that doubles as a night table), trundle beds, and protective sleeping rails. They also come in a bevy of materials and color schemes: Baltic birch plywood, pine, and MDF establish a light, earthy backdrop upon which to lavish vibrant oranges, blues, and greens.

But let’s get back to Gil’s speculations about the “space under the bed,” because this has much to do with Loft Beds’ intrinsic appeal. For better or worse and sooner or later, every kid develops some kind of fascination with the enclosed space, the cave, the private niche. The interest can be morbid/punishing (remember Harry Potter’s “room” beneath the stairs); escapist (who never built a “pillow fort” or an impromptu “house” of cardboard boxes?); or eminently practical. As today’s kids become more accustomed to our dwindling resources and altered lifestyles, they’ll grow increasingly fond of solutions like Gil’s Loft Beds. If, in the process, we can appeal to their desire for an autonomous environment as well as their collective imaginations—without sacrificing due design savvy—so much the better.

Just a hop, skip, and jump from Gil’s Ferris St. studio, BKLYN DESIGNS 2009 will showcase Loft Beds and Other Casa Kids products, May 8-10, 2009.

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