A Sense of Order: Line Storage Desk by DWR

A Sense of Order: Line Storage Desk by DWR

Design and functionality are at an all-time high with Line Storage Desk by DWR. This larger-than-most workspace with thoughtfully designed storage is the brainchild of designer Nathan Yong, a trailblazer who got his early start in the Singapore design scene.

Line Storage Desk

Design Within Reach believes in “design that solves problems,” and a messy desk cluttered with cords and wires may be all too common in the work-from-home offices of people around the world. The hidden cable management niche of Line Storage Desk may be the most thoughtful element here.

A storage compartment in Line Storage Desk.

The many drawers and cubbies on one side (Line Storage Desk is especially ideal for any left-handers out there) allow space for an internet router and the discreet concealment of electronic cords. The result is satisfying: a much cleaner desktop appearance.  

A drawer on Line Storage Desk.

The sleek louvered design on all four sides echoes inspiration of The Tower of Shadows designed by Le Corbusier in Chandigarh, India. The Tower of Shadows was an experiment in solar movement, tracing the path of the sun throughout the day using shadows to create cooling corners of respite for people who needed a moment to step out of the sun.  

Somehow Line Storage Desk offers an invitation to reprieve too. Modern function and simplicity have taken care of distraction. Now the real work can begin.   

For a small wood desk with clean lines and hidden storage, see Yuma Desk.

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