At BKLYN DESIGNS 2009: Asha Carpets

Asha Carpets is tackling the craft/art divide head-on. The Brooklyn-based company aims to construct carpets of high quality and artistic merit, “merging the worlds of art and craft to produce design legacies of lasting impact.” Combining the skills of Chinese and Tibetans weavers with the vision of traditional and contemporary artists, Asha Carpets operates in a “spirit of excellence and non-conformity: to create “original floor coverings; unique works of art that acknowledge both the styles and patterns of varying world cultures, as well as those born of the personal contemporary vision of our artists.”

Terrain Collection’s Mesh.Designed by Joanna Michalowicz of Asha Carpets.

And because founder Joanna Michalowicz is an experienced master weaver and textile restorer, Asha Carpets pays special attention to texture, varying weaves in order to “fully explore and exploit the visual and tactile benefits … of a hand-woven carpet.” One of the company’s more interesting techniques is Velsou, a substantial weave with hollowed insets that “was originally developed to mimic the recessed corroded areas in antique carpets.” Asha also employs flat weaves, knotted pile, and Scandinavian methods. By using only 100% highland Tibetan or New Zealand wool, the company ensures the highest standards. Experience all the weaves first-hand at BKLYN DESIGNS 2009. Asha Carpet’s quality is indisputable, but what do their excellent techniques yield in the way of art? The answer is as complex as their product lines. From the subtle variations of their Neutral Collection to the traditional designs of their Classic Collection to the organic interpretations of their Bouquet Collection, Asha Carpets uses the medium to recast old patterns and forge new styles. The availability of sizes also lends the company flexibility: standard sizes are 6’x9′, 8’x10′, 9’x12′, 10’x14′, 12’x15′, though all carpets are also available in custom sizes and colors.


Circuit. Designed by Joanna Michalowicz of Asha Carpets.


Tozan. Designed by Joanna Michalowicz of Asha Carpets.


Bouquet Collection’s Sakura. Designed by Joanna Michalowicz of Asha Carpets.


Terrain Collection’s Triana. Designed by Joanna Michalowicz of Asha Carpets.

New designs include the understated Triana, part of the Terrain Collection, which uses imperfect rectangles in soft hues of sand and pale blue; Mesh, also of the Terrain line, which recreates the look of cracked desert ground; Sakura, part of the Bouquet Collection, which features delicate cherry blossoms; and Chrysanthemum, also of the Bouquet line, which showcases the spectacular fireworks-like flowers. The Scandinavian and Moroccan Collections are particularly appealing due to their geometrical and textural emphasis. Tozan and Circuit prove excellent companions to mid-century and technophile designs: the bold graphics of Tozan look great underfoot a Hans Wegner Easy Chair, and the computer-based motif of Circuit makes an ideal backgrounds for a MILK Desk.

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