A Riff on the Rug from Souda

A Riff on the Rug from Souda

Among the many things going for it, Souda’s Riff rug is made within 200 miles of the company’s Brooklyn studio.

Riff rug in rust, clay, and medium brown

The jazz theme is only-fitting, then: home-grown art for a home-grown design.

White and gray rug with chair

The idea of riffing is inherent here: a riff on color, on design, on texture, and feel underfoot. As Souda says, “It’s about movement. It’s a hug, a kiss. It’s emulsification. It’s Jazz.”

Detail of rug fibers in white, grays, and black

Yes, indeed. Riff blends shapes and colors into a creative take on an unassailable whole, “emulsified,” in Souda’s parlance, like oil and vinegar, Yin and Yang.

Riff rug in white, gray, light brown with twin wooden chairs

Perhaps that last metaphor is most apropos, as Riff’s swirly, sinuous shapes intertwine into a symphonic melody that does its very own dualistic dance, complementing anything in its orbit.

Riff Rug in royal blue, green blue, and gray

Riff is a braided rug made in the U.S.A. The solid colors are 100% wool and the multi colors are a wool/poly blend. Riff’s four sizes range from 6′ x 8′ up to 12′ x 14′. Colors include dark grey, light grey, beige, ivory, and five multi-color styles, with infusions of navy blue, sky blue, black, russet, and rust. Customized designs are available too. See Souda to find out more. And if you like innovative natural textiles, check out Glamora’s Komorebi collection.

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