Tanya is Thankful For

We’re going to take a slight detour away from Design Miami today, and pay homage to the holiday weekend and Thanksgiving. In these tumultuous times when terrorism and economic recession are dominating the human psyche, being thankful seems like a gargantuan task. But at 3rings, our motto is to look at the brighter side of life, and frankly, being surrounded by objects d'arts always seems to ease the tension.

So what am I thankful for this Thanksgiving? Well let's see, there is Coffee, which is not just a beverage, but also my savior. Then there is Matthew Fox who is not just an actor, but also Michelangelo's David, the epitome of masculine perfection. And last but not the least, there is 3rings, which is just not another A+D blog, but also my own personal design haven.

At 3rings we tend to show a predilection towards those objects that initiate a dialogue with its audience. Picking out my favorite products from the vast repertoire was difficult, however my choice was dominated by those objects that mimic the myriad shapes and philosophies of life and are a daily reminder of the power of the design. So without further adieu, here are the design objects that I am thankful for.

I am thankful for the Charliedoes Lamps. The lamp with its gentrified nostalgic illustrations seems to capture the innocence of an idyllic childhood. It reminds me of my own childhood, which I am extremely thankful for. Growing up in a loving household with parents, grand-parents, and a whole brood of cousins (I was the only girl in the group), my childhood consisted of running amuck in the stunning valley of Kashmir during vacations, reading books by a dozen, listening to Duran Duran, and torturing my little brother! This lamp certainly brings back memories.

Tanya is Thankful For

Charliedoes Lamps. Designed by Charlie Brokate.

I am thankful for the Search Table. Not just a functional object, the Search Table offers a commentary on the times we live in. A sartorial assemblage of technology, human thought process, architecture, and ingenuity, the Search Table highlights the explosion of individual Web sites and their actual assimilation. In this world of "Instant Everything" the Search Table makes me want to stop, breath and take everything in. Living a hectic frenzied existence is not all that its cracked up to, don't you agree?

Tanya is Thankful For

Search Table. Designed by Prof. Ezri Tarazi.

I am thankful for the Smoker Bench. No, I don't smoke. Never have. Never will. Even on my rather futile quest to achieve a size zero (yes I went through that phase), the cancer stick never appealed to me. And in time, the desire to look like the anorexic Victoria Beckham also subsided (thank god). I picked up the smoker bench since it makes me want to celebrate my stance on smoking, as I don't need a special bench to provide a soporific seating solution. Any old bench would do for me!

Tanya is Thankful For

Smoker Bench. Designed by Fatih Baltas.

I am thankful for the Charpoy from Moroso. As someone who loves their country, I am thankful for the Charpoy from Nipa Doshi and Jonathan Levien. Celebrating the rich and diverse heritage of India, the Charpoy – a daybed – not only manages to epitomize cultural hybridization, but also brings to the room an aura of internationalization. Straddling different influences, the daybed like the country highlights a tryst with globalization without forgetting its history.

Tanya is Thankful For

Charpoy. Designed by Nipa Doshi and Jonathan Levien. Manufactured by Moroso.

And finally, I am thankful for the Pixel Couch. My last pick has to be the pixel couch, which pays homage to the all-pervading pixel. The couch with its pulsating patterns cleverly highlights the incomparable importance of a pixel in our contemporary existence. Given the ubiquitous nature of pixels we design techies may take it for granted, however the Pixel Couch reminds us how crucial pixels are to us 21st century tech dwellers.

Tanya is Thankful For

The Pixel Couch. Designed by Cristian Zuzunaga.

So these are some of the products I am most thankful for. Join us in our discussion and let us know what objects left an impact on you. And Happy Thanksgiving!

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