Slink Chair

The perspicuity of American Leather's design ethos is apparent in their leather-upholstered furniture. Eternal, chic yet still edgy, leather furniture always manages to make an impact with the discerning consumer. The Slink Chair is no different with its punctilious tailored look, its comfortable ergonomics, and dramatic styling.

Slink Chair. Designed by Rob Jones. Manufactured by American Leather.

Designed by Rob Jones, the chair at first glance appears deceptively simple.  However, prod a little further and the designer's unique sensibility comes to the forefront. The hammock-style design is not coincidental, as this chair seeks to bring a hint of quirkiness to a structured environment. With Slink, American Leather may not be trailblazing towards eccentric design territory, however the chair does show a consistent ingenuity.  The diamond-stitched pattern and buttonless tufting takes center stage and gives a nod to old design principles. Since the chair has been constructed from high-density, high-resiliency foam and boasts of an all hardwood frame with metal legs, to doubt its durability might seem like an exercise in futility.

Slink Chair

The Slink Chair measures 36″ w X 40″ d X 35″ h and apart from leather can also be upholstered in ultra suede. Like all American Leather products, the Slink can also be customized according to the client's desires.  Hence be it lashings of bright pinks or the more placid monochromatic tones, the Slink can be conjured up in any color tone.

When it comes to chairs, functionality should always supersedes style. Fortunately these days, consumers don't have to chose one over the other as a good chair is not only interminable, but also stresses on innovation, durability and aesthetics. The Slink Chair highlights the congruent interplay of creativity with an unyielding thought process.

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