At NeoCon 2023: Best of Show

At NeoCon 2023: Best of Show

Well, the ballots have been cast, the votes are all in, and consensus reigns on the top products from NeoCon 2023. With a line-up of 80 winners, we can’t mention them all, so here are a few of our favorites, including some especially intriguing products lauded for sustainability, business impact, and innovation.

Best of Show

One of our favorites of the past year, Hightower’s Flote Lounge charmed judges with its pillowy aspect, candy-colored palette, and allusion to the airy feeling of floating across a pool, eyes skyward. Flote offers beautiful tailoring and superlative comfort, owed in large measure to the ergonomic downward tilt of the seat.

Hightower Flote lounge chairs and sofa

Daring Davis

Does Davis ever do anything wrong? It seems we can count on the High Point, North Carolina-based brand for annual accolades. Davis always stands out for their products’ formal inventiveness and streamlined silhouettes. This year, they take home two golds and an innovation award for, respectively, the Zen Conference Chair, Vida Conference Tables, and Perle Stackable Seating.

Davis Zen Conference Chair

Davis Vida conference table
Davis Perle Stackable chair

Shown in order above, Zen is a stylish update of the iconic Jehs+Laub chair from 2016; Vida is a collection of tables with razor-thin profiles and an airy feel; and Perle is a jewel of a café/multi-use chair designed by Sebastian Herkner that will grace Paris bistros and Chicago showrooms with equal aplomb.

Floored by Shaw

Gold and Innovation Award winner in Area Rugs, Mike Ford + Shaw Contract is the collaboration between the flooring brand and the renowned Hip Hop Architect. The result is a lively and dynamic piece that’s like a graphical representation of this many-layered art form. Each of the five unique patterns evoke elements of hip hop’s history and culture.

Shaw Mike Ford hip-hop designed area rug

Shaw also took home Gold in Modular Carpet for the inspired Cultura, featuring patterns that pay homage to the geometry of Oaxaca’s Sierrra Norte mountains and to the indigenous crafts of weaving, dyeing, and pottery that have been handed down through generations.

Shaw Cultura modular carpet

Can’t Go Wrong with Cantilever

We love Enwork’s Cayman, Gold winner in Furniture Systems, for its light-as-air aspect and advanced customizability. This clever collection maximizes space and looks good doing it. The height-adjustable work surface may be ordered by the inch, so absolutely zero space is wasted.

Enwork Cayman cantilevered work surface

Gotta Mention Steelcase

Powerhose brand Steelcase quietly took home Gold in the new category of Collections for Collaboration. Ocular revolutionizes the remote working experience with this eyelid-shaped table group (available in three different arcs) engineered to improve sightlines and “deliver better hybrid experiences—people to people, people to camera, and people to screens.”

Steelcase Ocular table

Can You Hear Me Now?

Lastly, a nod to Gold winner in Acoustics and Privacy Zintra Organic Etch (which also won Silver/Innovation in Surface Materials and Finishes and Acoustic Solutions. Organic Etch is a textured panel featuring eight designs and 24 PET colors: “Taking inspiration from skilled artisans, the designs marry man-made elements with nature to create rich, handmade finishes that add character to any environment.”

Zintra Organic Etch acoustical panels

Don’t forget that the best of winners are only the tip of the iceberg as there are thousands upon thousands of amazing products on display through June 14 at NeoCon 2023.

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