Tido Lamp

With the Tido Lamp, CREATIVENS has contrasted striking design with form and function. A lamp (or shall we call it a luminaire as it’s known to the exotic French) usually doesn't veer towards sensuality, however the Tido obliterates traditional design bastions and separates itself from the clique.

Tido. Designed by Kimming Yap of CREATIVEANS.

The Tido Lamp has been designed by Kimming Yap who through whom always exhibits uninhibited confidence with his various products. Tido, like Sqoosh, is yet another successful attempt by CREATIVENS to keep pace with the present eclectic design scene and I think their vision culminates towards a scintillating effect. The lamp emanates an aura of romanticism and seeks to enhance the bedroom ambiance rather than compete with it.  More importantly, functionality has not been sacrificed in the name of artistic vision as the Tido comes equipped with a built-in light that illuminates without being overly bright or harsh.  The Tido measures 400mm W x 750mm H and for added convenience Yap has also included a 3m long black cord.

Tido Lamp

The Tido highlights a design process that is indisposed to homogeny and exudes a sense of concupiscence. By reinterpreting and reworking the ubiquitous lamp, Yap's handiwork is sensual without being risqu©, different without being radical, and practical without being lackluster.

However its Kimming Yap who best describes his objet d'art (there I go again in French):

"Many a times, a bedside table is there because it has to be there, it is a forgotten object. There is no connection between the table and the bed, and the bedroom ambience as a whole."

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