Cave Pet’s

Japanese designer Sakura Adachi received a lot of attention for her Cave, a combination reader's nook and bookshelf, especially because her prototype topped 10,000 euros (she made it by hand using rudimentary tools). But Cave-Pet's has not received as much attention. That's a real shame because Cave-Pet's is a brilliant invention for dogs and cats alike, as well as for animal-lovers and owners whom look to spoil their pets.

Cave Pet’s. Designed by Sakura Adachi.

As you might have guessed, Cave-Pet's combines a dog/cat house with a smaller bookshelf that can be pushed up against a wall or used as a room divider. Cave-Pet's provides a special place for dogs and cats seeking their own space. Much more compact and slim than its human predecessor, Cave-Pet's can be used in small rooms and apartments.

Much great literature involves dogs (can't say the same about cats, but I'm prejudiced, believing cats exist to steal your soul while you sleep), so the Cave-Pet's is naturally a great place to showcase such books. Start with Jean Dutord's A Dog's Head, which recounts the troubles of an aristocratic Frenchman who happens to be born with a spaniel's head (ah, the French). For more naturalistic fare, add John Steinbeck's Travels with Charley to the collection. You can also put dog care or dog art books on the Cave Pet's. Let the little red house be your guide-it should bring out the whimsy in your canine library.

Cave Pet’s

Cave. Designed by Sakura Adachi.

While the Cave-Pet's is perfect for any pet lover (including those with cats), it's also a great storage solution for a kid's room. Nobody can say that the little red house built into the Cave-Pet's is solely intended for animals. I'm not saying you should put your kid in there! But you can use the Cave-Pet's in a playroom. Its straight lines also give it a different quality than the original Cave, whose kidney-shaped reading nook did not have such clean angles (of course, people do not fit as well in rectangles). I think the Cave-Pet's is a must for animal shelters and veterinarian clinics across the country. It's a great niche where cats and dogs can feel safe, and a great design so people can feel safe (I don't know about you, but I'm scared of bad design).

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