A Geisha of a Table

Recently shown at the Australian International Furniture Fair 2008, Andrew Aliosio‘s Kimono Table was exhibited as part of the show’s “The Edge” forum, which included student, concept, and commercial work from forty designers.

Kimono Table. Designed by Andrew Aliosio.

The Kimono Table, made of white polyethylene composite, represents the shape of a Japanese kimono, the table’s central cord reminiscent of the garment’s obi (sash). The cord is attached to the table top via a K-shaped lacing before it wraps around the table’s waist. When removed, the table top features the black K off-center in an interesting composition that perhaps recalls Japanese painting, wherein the object in the foreground is not centered. The table top then has a tail-the rest of the cord that holds it all together.

A Geisha of a Table

The exaggerated angles of the table and the individual pieces from which it’s constructed also work to repeat the K shape-always emphasizing the svelte center. All of this makes the Kimono Table rather sexy, a goal in keeping with Aliosio’s definition of luxury: “Luxury today is about provoking a personal feeling of sensual satisfaction. We label physical objects luxury, but it’s really how you feel in their presence.” Pamper yourself by playing some Pink Martini, drinking a pink martini, and wallowing in the sensuous lines of the Kimono Table.

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