The Sly table, by Studio TK, engages in a clever sleight of hand, or should I say “sleight of sight,” for the surface appears to slightly slant off into space.

Studio TK Sly Table wood laminate with black frame

Indeed, I’d be leery to place my drink on this table, for fear it would slide away and splash to the floor.

Studio TK Sly Table mint green

But not to fear. The angled appearance is illusory, created by a clever turn in fabrication, whereby the structure itself has a built-in asynchrony. The tabletop is actually completely level.

Studio TK Sly Table detail wood laminate brown frame

Check out Sly in a variety of circumferences, heights, styles, and finishes: side, coffee, and occasional; linoleum, laminate, veneer and back-painted glass; and an exposed plywood edge detail for the linoleum tops.

Studio TK Sly Table fourn different sizes, styles, and finishes

See Studio TK to find out more. And explore other iterations of the humble side table at Designer Pages Media.

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