Never Lose Change In Your Sofa Again

It’s the end of an era. With so many new sofa designs, college students may never need to rummage through the cushions of their living room furniture looking for laundry money.

Pantonova Chrome Sectional. Manufactured by Modernicus.

The Pantonova Chrome Sectional isn’t new at all. Designed in 1971, this modern work of art is as fresh and new today as it was at the dawn of mid-century modern. And, true, it may not beg to replace your existing cushy furnishings, but its clean lines and timeless appeal are begging for use in an outdoor seating area or within the context of an art gallery.

Not supple enough for your taste? You might be more impressed with this Voltaire 1 chair – completely reupholstered and coated in a soft rubber coating. It is beyond modern, in my opinion. The “Plastic Fantastic Voltaire II” is really an exercise in creative expression. One of a series of pieces offered by Studio JSPR, the collection is akin to a Dr. Seuss story. Each piece boasting a different personality or talent – and made even more diverse thanks to the ability to choose from an endless array of colors.

Never Lose Change In Your Sofa Again

Voltaire 1 chair. Manufactured by Studio JSPR.

The Fantastic Plastic series really blurs the lines between old and new. Fantasy and reality. And while the pieces may be too pretty to place outside and too bizarre for most homes I’ve seen, their all-weather nature gives you the opportunity to create a living environment in any setting. I think you could really have some fun with these pieces in a celebrity kid’s playroom. Nothing would ever be lost in the cushions, and no stains would ever ruin their appearance. With tables, sofas and light fixtures available, the only thing limiting their myriad uses is your own imagination.

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