At ICFF: The Simple Light’s Amoeba

If simplicity is the essence of brilliance, then the team of creators at behind the Amoeba are dazzlingly brilliant. The team at The Simple Light brought their individual areas of expertise together to develop a light fixture for the design-conscious crowd that didn’t require you have a trust fund.

Amoeba. Designed and manufactured by The Simple Light.

“When we started looking for a light for our apartment, we realized that many of the great designer fixtures out there are more expensive than what many young designers can afford" said Nathan Thomason, who is responsible for the group's business operations. "We set out to create great, modern designs that our friends could actually consider buying for their homes.”

Together, the team of four young innovators created a pendant light that is every bit as sculptural as it is functional. A single supporting cord suspends a deceptively curvaceous ceramic form, which houses the exposed bulb. These disparate elements come together to create a stunning visual work. The Amoeba offers the viewer a different appearance from every angle. Its undulating curves lending movement to an otherwise fixed shape. When lit, the inside of the Amoeba seems to glow. But the structure itself is so shapely that it really does seem like a work of art when not in use.

At ICFF: The Simple Light’s Amoeba

The team extended the line to contain a table lamp and smaller pendants. But what I appreciate most about the group is their commitment to experimentation and personal growth. One would think that by naming themselves The Simple Light they would be bound to the creation of light fixtures. But these innovators don’t see it that way.

The members of the simple light team seek to solve everyday problems by applying the design process to challenges they encounter in their own lives. The group sees the simple light project as a platform to begin expanding on this process – whether the challenge is lighting, furniture, consumer products, or improving lives by creating innovative solutions to get food, water, and medicine to people who need it around the world.

That’s the beauty of innovative thinking. By not limiting themselves by discipline or previous results, they’ve left themselves open to new ideas, new directions and new results. This commitment to creativity certainly factored in to the invitation from the ICFF to be showcased in this year’s ICFF Studio. They join an elite group of up-and-coming designers selected from around the globe being given the opportunity for widespread exposure and growth.

The privilege is clearly well deserved. One look at the Amoeba and it is clear this imaginative foursome has grander visions in store for those of us who love design. Whether they thrill us with more lighting or move on to new horizons, I look forward to seeing what the team at The Simple Light create for us next. I’m certain it will be nothing short of brilliant.

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