Ceramics for the Kitchen

Ceramics for the Kitchen

While granite and marble will always be around, ceramic slabs are looking better every day.

Ceramics of Italy Flaviker Supreme Treasure kitchen countertop white with random lines/veins in gray and rust

Ceramics of Italy provides large format slabs, up to 5.25 x 10.5 feet.

Ceramics of Italy Laminam Naturali Diamond Cream kitchen countertop in kitchen with wood cabinets and cream colored tile

These ceramic countertops offer several advantages: they’re thinner/lighter (thus easier to install), extraction is less intensive, and they’re easy to recycle.

Ceramics of Italy Cantera Grey detail kitchen countertop slate gray with white and black flecks

They also may be sourced from many different varieties of stone, including Basalt, Obsidian and Travertine, thus offering variability in color and design—for a unique appearance and appealing texture.

Ceramics of Italy Stone Trace Abyss kitchen island mocha color in spacious kitchen with reddish/maroon cabinets

They’re also naturally hygienic and quite durable, resistant to stains and scratches.

Ceramics of Italy Sensi Signoria Lilac Gray white with shooting blue lines on island, backsplash and wall in modern kitchen

Find out more at Ceramics of Italy.

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