At ICFF: Alexander Kneller

The reason I adore the Side Chairs by Alexander Kneller is because I never got into video games. The closest I came to mastering Zelda was obsessing over Columns – the PC version of Tetris (before we had the internet). And finally, after all this time, my beautifully engineered, larger-than-life Columns trophy has arrived! It just happens to be in the form of a fully-functional chair/table/desk that will be featured at Booth 2408 this week during the ICFF show in New York City.

Side Chair 2. Designed by Alexander Kneller.

Side Chair One and Side Chair Two were designed by UK’s furniture designer, Alexander Kneller. In 2007, they earned rave debut reviews at the Tent London show.

Who could’ve imagined that right angles could create an inviting effect? Side Chair Two, the solid fraternal twin to the slight build of Side Chair One, offers front drawer storage and optional upholstery. If the fabric is preferred, it lines each of four sides within the seating divot and plays an important role in creating negative space within the three-dimensional, rectangular canvas.

Both chairs come in an MDF shell with two-part polyurethane paint finish and are made to order with pricing at £2700.

Whether the flat surface is to play laptop videogames or not, Kneller’s modular Side Chairs are guaranteed to make it into your ICFF Hall of Fame.

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