At Bklyn Designs: TwistTogether Lamp

It’s great to see that eco-friendly designs are popping up all over the place at BKLYN DESIGNSUhuru’s reclaimed timber and found objects and iglooplay’s sustained yield forestry hardwood veneers are just two examples.

TwistTogether Lamp.

The TwistTogether Lamp is doing its part too, by using energy-efficient LED lights. And while TwistTogether’s website is still under construction, the new company is already receiving a fair amount of press for their impressive lighting concept (one color set is currently sold out). Available in two color combinations, candy and chocolate, the lamp is composed of four colored blocks that you can twist together to form endless combinations (perhaps not endless, really, but I’ll let someone else do the math). The blocks are 4 and 3/8 inches in width and height, 2 and 3/16 inches deep. They can be arranged as a sculptural unit, of course, but they can also be used to economize space: hanging off the edge or stacked upon a small or cluttered desk, where only one lighting cube would take up surface area.

The candy set is psychedelic in blue, orange, yellow, and red, each piece with a contrasting inset hue—putting me in mind of little lozenge candies I bought at the movies whose name escapes me now; the chocolate set is mellow in dark, milk, caramel, and white, each square with a white inset tile. Candy might enjoy the film Amelie, whereas Chocolate would go in for White of course—and atmospheric black-and-white classics like Key Largo. If Candy listens to They Might Be Giants, Chocolate opts for Mel Torme. Which is a long way of saying that TwistTogether is versatile: choose Candy for a child’s playroom or a modern living room; Chocolate for a seductive bedroom or a paneled boardroom. Candy belongs in San Francisco’s Hotel Triton; Chocolate in Miami’s Aqua Hotel.

TwistTogether’s upcoming products need to be mentioned as well, though they aren’t yet available. TwistTogetherGuy is a sinuous, puzzle piece version of the lighting cubes, which the company describes as mischievous. TwistToGo is battery-powered (are they thinking raves here?). Wallmount “lets you hang with your twisties.” But I am most excited about the TwistShelving, which combines lighting and shelving—I have a whole lot of books that need this: Alice in Wonderland and A Clockwork Orange being the first in line.

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