A Fine Twist To Dining

Most of us have faced the embarrassing dilemma of our dinner guests indulging in cadenced acrobatics to pass things around! Sure there is always an option to install a Lazy Susan to aid in moving food however they are not the most chic of options. And at the end of the day it's all about good design, well at least to all us hedonists here at Designer Pages.

Mulinello Table. Designed by Franco Marino Cagnina.

Franco Marino Cagnina solves the perplexing conundrum of "to pass or not to pass" by designing the Mulinello Table. This rather ingenious table ensures that your poor guests don't end up working out their upper torso muscles and actually enjoy a quite meal.

Mulinello, the Twist, is a veritable attempt by the designer to stimulate conversation and togetherness. The table is all about accommodation with a healthy dose of fantasy thrown in and its construction has been inspired from several designs including the Lazy Susan and the ubiquitous garden table.


They say first impressions can be deceiving and the Mulinello certainly adheres to this idiom. Putting Mulinello in any one category is erroneous as it's a wonderful blend of different concepts and styles.

To accomplish the idiosyncratic shape, Franco has equipped the table with twisted legs that are bent out of shape to give an illusion of it being wobbly. That's not the only twist in the "Twist Table". At the heart of the table one comes across a design analogous to a "Lazy Susan". This of course lets dinner guests grasp what they need and pass things around without falling over each other.

The use of pristine white with just a hint of silver in the Mulinello is inarguably simple, however it manages to accentuate the table's avant-garde sensibility. It may take a turn to the hackneyed "garden table" when it comes to inspiration however it intermingles perfectly with a futuristic design palette.

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