UltraTouch Insulation

UltraTouch Cotton Fiber insulation is a great product if your clients plan to install insulation themselves. It doesn’t itch or deposit potentially harmful fibers into your lungs. This is a huge advantage to the installer but does not necessarily translate to increased health for the building occupant as insulation should be sealed within the wall cavity. UltraTouch does not require any special installation equipment; it’s installed just like typical batt insulation.

UltraTouch Natural Cotton Fiber Insulation manufactured by Bonded Logic, Inc.

The post-consumer recycled (read industrial scraps from blue jean companies) and absence of VOCs and other harmful toxins has an undeniable allure to green consumers. The product also has superior acoustical performance, compared to fiberglass, and will qualify for a number of LEED credits. Despite what one might think about a material made of cotton, UltraTouch is resistant to mold and mildew, as well as pests, because of the borate-based fire retardant. (It has a Class-A fire rating.)

But, the price may be a bit of a shock. The quotes I have seen are a about twice the cost of fiberglass batt. With no real additional energy benefits, it can be difficult to justify the cost if the client isn’t sold on the health benefits. As an alternative, for exterior walls, I would recommend an open cell insulation like Icynene. For interior insulation (for sound or improving the performance of a radiant floor), formaldehyde free fiberglass batt would be a more economical option, often at little to no premium above typical fiberglass. If you are interested, I know the product is for sale online at Green Depot and local dealers across the country. Bottom line: despite the cost, for DIYers, small projects or renovations, this is a great insulation product.

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