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Flat Will Get You Everywhere: Lighting Trend

Your iPad isn't the only thing that's getting thinner. Lighting is slimming down thanks to LED technology that requires less space within a fixture than ever before. The result: ultra-slim pendants and fixtures that blend with a range of interior design while providing high-quality, energy efficient illumination.

N-tro, Trizo21, suspension lamp, LED

N-tro by Trizo21: A new pendant fixture has LEDs mounted on custom-made boards, providing an evenly distributed, halogen-like light over the surface below. The lamp is available in matte black or white powder coating.

Ayal Rosin, 1229, suspension lighting

1229 by Ayal Rosin: Named after its 1229-millimeter length, the optical lightweight panel LED lamp has a high color rendering index and grooved grid or micro grid that reduces glare, making it suitable for domestic, office, and commercial settings. The lamp can be powder-coated in a range of colors.

LED, Steng, A-Four, wall fixture, lighting

A-Four by Steng: The size and shape of a piece of paper, the wall fixture is designed to blend with architecture in a range of residential designs, medical and dental centers, and restaurants and hotels. Created with a single piece of milled aluminum, the fixture is available in anodized and white finishes; backlit by Premium Power LEDs.

Hera, LED, Q-Pad, lighting, flat lighting, slim lighting, contract, retail

LED Q-Pad by Hera: The flat, surface-mounted LED luminaire is ideal for under-cabinet lighting in retail spaces and offices. Fitted with a 200mW LED, with an estimated life of 30,000 hours, the pads are available in high-gloss black or high-gloss white finishes.

Belviso, Cluster, Trilux, ceiling lamp, lighting

Belviso Cluster by Trilux: Single luminaires can be combined in open-cell ceilings to create clusters of LED lighting with low glare and high efficiency. Recessed and a surface-mounted versions are available with LED or T5 lighting.
Posted December 27th, 2012 by Jennifer Krichels

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