Menu and Danielle Siggerud offer Androgyne

Designer Danielle Siggerud and manufacturer Menu aspire towards something they call “Soft Minimalism”: “re-imagining mid century modern values to bring irresistible new ideas to people and spaces.” The new Androgyne Table is an illustrative example. With a powder-coated steel base and marble top, Androgyne displays a nice interplay of opposites: steel and stone, linear and circular, masculine and feminine. This last quality gives Androgyne its identity as well as its name: “The essence of the table is its duality; it is elegant yet powerful.” It’s also functional. Originally designed for Menu’s onsite café, Androgyne’s production was enhanced, it’s range re-visioned, in order to satisfy a variety of potential uses. Androgyne’s small footprint and judicious negative space make it adaptable to a wide range of venues: from hotel lobbies to bars, residences to upscale shop displays. Color options include black and ivory bases and crystal beige rose or black marquina tops. Contact Menu to find out more.
Posted September 10, 2018 by Joseph Starr

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