Axyl: Recycled Furniture from Benjamin Hubert

Axyl is a collection of recycled furniture created by Benjamin Hubert for Allermuir.

Comprised of a multi-purpose chair, bar-height stool, and table, Axyl features 100% recycled materials.

The die-cast aluminum frame of the chair “uses just 5% of the energy required to create new aluminum.”

The minimal aesthetic and slim silhouette derives from the push to be sustainable—the distinctively modern form emerges from the constraint of minimizing resource use.

The chair shells, stool seats, and tabletops also feature recycled materials, including wood fibre, reclaimed timber, and recycled nylon.

Says, Hubert, “With the Axyl collection, I believe we have created a stacking chair with a truly new expression embodied in the identifiable inverted Y-silhouette of the aluminum casting.”

Axyl premiered at this year’s London Design Festival. See Allermuir and Hubert’s design studio Layer for additional information.

Posted November 18, 2017 by Joseph Starr

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