SDesignunit’s Glass Vase

Although the early nineties aren’t looked back upon favorably in terms of fashion, I hope you’ll agree that the popularization of ‘neon’ is something we’ve all benefited from.  Neon colored glowsticks were the rage – worn day and night on hands, wrists, necks and ankles.  Some of your fondest 1990’s moments likely occurred while you were decked out in these classic, gender-neutral accessories.   They’ve since been adapted into other products and purposes including the most recent: SDESIGNUNIT‘s Light Vase series.

Light Vase. Designed by SDESIGNUNIT in collaboration with Lee youn-choul and Jung chang-gwon.

Rather than a lamp which hides the light source, the lamp becomes the light source. This has been the premise for glow sticks and their predecessors.  The chronicling of recent modern-day adaptations on 3Rings has included Zoon’s Blind LED Light, paving a safe route through stairwells and Roger Borg’s Modern Neon Lamps, giving sculptural forms to an already bold material.  SDESIGNUNIT’s Light vase is a series of glass vessels designed to combine with neon “filaments” to create lighting installations.  It is the result of a collaboration between Lee youn-choul, responsible for the glass craft and Jung chang-gwon, the Neon Artist.





Vases have long been confined to the flower industry.  This new series makes use of the reflective properties of glass with the fire-colored filaments to create a warm, glowing effect.

Posted November 24, 2009 by Jenny Rector

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